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7 November, 2006


Filed under: Chat,Meetings — Bob790 @ 1:31 am

You may have noticed this site looks a bit different now (if it looks all screwed up, try hitting F5 to refresh). That’s right: you asked for it, and here it is. We are pleased to announce that the Basingstoke Anime Society now has a forum!

There are sections there for discussing and voting on the series we’re watching, as well as just chatting about stuff like manga, films, games and sci-fi. And for anybody who doesn’t herald from the far east, we have a glossary to help explain some of these weird Japanese words. Even better, your existing usernames and passwords from this news part are shared with the forum, so you don’t need to register again – it’ll just work.

And as icing, we’ve also added a Calendar you can browse here, or subscribe to in most programs.

It’s been mentioned before, but it bears repeating that we’ll be starting to show the first episodes of Scrapped Princess this week. Newcomers are welcome to come and enjoy this series from the beginning.

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