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Anime DVDs for sale

Post by virtualdon » Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:09 pm

Need to shift some stuff!

Make a reasonable offer. If can drop these off to you anywhere in Basingstoke, bring it to BAS, or you're welcome to pick them up from me if you'd prefer.

NTSC is marked, everything else is PAL.

I also have this figure up on ebay right now, which I'm also open to offers on:


Aeon Flux [DVD] (Sealed)
SOLD Battle Royale [DVD]
SOLD Battle Royale II: Requiem [DVD]
SOLD Castle in the Sky [DVD]
Escaflowne (Volume 2) [DVD] [NTSC]
Escaflowne (Volume 3) [DVD] [NTSC]
Escaflowne (Volume 4) [DVD] [NTSC]
Escaflowne (Volume 5) [DVD] [NTSC]
Escaflowne (Volume 6) [DVD] [NTSC]
Escaflowne (Volume 7) [DVD] [NTSC]
Escaflowne (Volume 8) [DVD] [NTSC]
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children [DVD]
Gundam Wing Volume 9 [DVD]
SOLD Howl’s Moving Castle [DVD]
Millennium Actress [DVD] (Sealed)
Millennium Actress/Perfect Blue [DVD] (Sealed)
SOLD My Neighbour Totoro [DVD]
Paprika [DVD] (Sealed)
Pokemon 2000 [DVD]
SOLD Princess Mononoke [DVD]
R.O.D. Read or Die [DVD]
SOLD Spirited Away [DVD]
Street Fighter II [DVD]
Tactics (Series 1, Part 1) [DVD] (Sealed)
Tactics (Series 1, Part 2) [DVD] (Sealed)
Tenchi The Movie [DVD] [NTSC]
Tokyo Godfathers [DVD] (Sealed)
Transformers: The Movie [DVD]
Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie [DVD]


Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds [X-Box 360] (Sealed)
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Limited Edition [X-Box 360]
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Limited Edition [X-Box 360]

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