Why do you watch anime?

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Why do you watch anime?

Post by NoviceOtaku » Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:45 pm

I know there is no one single answer and that it can't be summed up in a sentence. Still, I encourage a long, monotonous answer. I better make a start...

A lot of us have seen cartoons that were animated by the Japanese, without realising it (Transformers or Moomins for example). If you did realise it, then you know that this was something completely different. An example of this was the level of detail or the unique styles to convey action scenes (still character against a moving background). With myself growing up during the 90s, I would personally see influence from Japan without realising it. There was an episode from "The Batman - The Animated Series" that involves a robot that looks a lot like one of the guardian robots from "Laputa". There are probably a lot of scenes from other cartoons that took a nod to the Japanese style from this and I would build a foundation that would make me attracted to anime.
It probably wasn't until a combination of titles that I started to realise that cartoons are not just short stories with happy ending:
●1995 ReBoot [aged 6]
●1998 Pokemon [aged 9]
●2004 Card Captor Sakura (Card Captors) [aged 15]
From these titles I started to realise that cartoons are not just short stories with happy ending.
Fast forward a few years (with Channel 4's anime season somewhere in-between) my brother got me to hook up my PC to the big TV in the lounge. At that point I was Introduced to "Fullmetal Alchemist" with subtitles. From this title, everything came together and I became hooked.

I watched more anime, recommended by my brother.
I watched more anime, that was available on YouTube.
I watched more anime, that was available on the high-street at the time.

At this point I can start to summarise the key point in anime that keep bringing me back:
●Music: Having a complete orchestra to perform the soundtrack, as well as known Japanese bands to performing the OP/ED.
●Art Styles: Unique character design, background art and the use of rotoscoping will always made me crave for more.
●Story: how often do you see in western TV/Film, that a main character would die?
●Character behaviour: I, personally, would declare myself as being introverted. Which makes it harder for me to understand and empathise with other peoples emotions. Yet with anime emotions are easier to express with stylisation. A simple example of this is "#", which is used to convey anger or annoyance.

Like I said "there is no one single answer and that it can't be summed up in a sentence" but I hope this allows others to see why I watch anime.
It would be great to see If people watch anime for similar or different reasons. If any of this makes sense, then add to this topic.


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Re: Why do you watch anime?

Post by Bambeenos » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:44 am

Because its entertaining i guess

I asked a fellow resident why he watches anime. his response " Anime Tiddies ".

Everyone's reasons are different

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